Long Term Rental & Sales Contracts Software

Long-Term Rental & Sales Contracts is designed to give flexibility to each store for the control of rental, service and installment contracts. The various types of rentals that may be tracked are: Rental Month-to-Month, Rent-to-Own, Sales Contracts, Lease Purchases and Extended Warranty or Service Contracts. The complete history of each contract is maintained, even after the contract is paid off or returned. Sales staff can easily look up a contract and view the complete breakdown of payments due, including payoff information. It's easier than pulling a ledger card!

Musical Instrument Rentals

This school instrument rental software is used by music stores large and small throughout the United States and Canada.


  • Use multiple formulas to calculate payment credit on month-to-month rentals, such as 100% the first 6 months and 80% therafter. 
  • Track inventory that is coded as being out on rent and control how late charges should be assessed. 
  • Collect rental income and update the inventory record as payments are made.
  • Print coupon books or rental contract statements (MICR coupon availability).
  • Set up contracts for automatic monthly credit card (integrated credit card processing is required) or bank debit payments (Treasury Software is required). At the push of a button, AIM selects these contracts, charges the credit cards and automatically posts the payments.
  • Prepare delinquency notices on demand and dramatically improve your collections process.
  • Mark a contract for collection and choose to halt all activity on the contract or continue to add payments and late charges.
  • Exchange inventory on rentals.
  • Establish payoff discounts that are automatically calculated when viewing or posting a payoff.
  • Print purchase option letters.
  • Generate contract aging and receivables reports.

Take band & orchestra instrument rentals online with AIMStorefront

Customers can filter down to their musical instrument by state, district, county, school and teacher, they can review their account, update credit cards and make payments all from home or on-the-go. The data entry is entered by the customers and the contracts and rental templates, such as packing slips, are populated with their data, saving time so that you can focus on helping parents pick the best instrument for their children.

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