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Lessons & Scheduling

Manage your lessons, from scheduling to billing to paying instructors, all in one place.

Scheduling Music Lessons

Create flexible schedules. For example, schedule a single student for multiple lessons per week. Each lesson at a different time, with a different instructor and in a different area. You can also specify if scheduling conflicts should be allowed. If one occurs while scheduling, you can quickly view the student currently scheduled in that slot and if the conflict is with the scheduled area or instructor.

Billing for Lessons

Bill on a flexible schedule, including: weekly, monthly, annually or term. Invoice students for lessons, enter payments as they are received and pay the instructor according to the amount or percentage of student payment that goes to the instructor. Generate a report showing total lesson income and amounts paid to the instructor. Offer customers an autopay option for lesson invoices. (Integrated credit card processing is required, or Treasury Software for bank debit payments.)


  • Set min and max number of participants per class.

  • Schedule instructor availability.

  • Track lesson/class income and pay instructor based on specified rates.

  • Track schedules, student adds & drops and instructor retention.

  • Offers the flexibility and ease of online scheduling. (requires Active-e)

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Combine with Active-e for Scheduling Lessons Online

Save time and resources by sharing the lessons schedule online.

Customers can view instructor availability, group or private lesson options, choose and select the best available time that works for them. They enter their information into AIM via the web, you match it with a current customer or setup a new account. Valuable customer data has been captured and recorded & your lesson schedule is available for sign-up 24/7.

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