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Musical Instrument Repair & Service

What kind of services does your store provide? Do you clean flutes, clarinets, and other band instruments? Do you tune and setup guitars? Does your luthier restring violins, bows and other string instruments? Do you order new strings, oils, and other supplies as part of your repair and cleaning services? This instrument repair software, was designed with flexibility in mind, once we understand your services and work flow, we can help streamline your business and enhance your customer service.

Instrument Repair & Service

With our service & repair module you can automatically generate estimates for repairs, adjustments, cleanings and repair/service tickets. You can maintain a history of repairs/services for serialized items. Add Active-e to let customers approve musical instrument repair or service estimates online through to completion.

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Combine with Active-e for Online Instrument Rentals

Take your repair services to your customers.

  • Send an emailed link for customers to review and approve their instrument repair estimate on-line.
  • Send text or phone notification that a repair is ready for pickup.
  • Let customers review their account history.
  • Accept payments for service tickets on-line.
  • Add & Update Credit Cards.
  • On-line instrument rentals.
  • AIM is EMV ready and does not store credit cards.

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